Philosophy of Genau,
We love to travel – visit different parts of the world. But we always come home. Stepping over the threshold, we surrender to the power of the moment when you can stop, take a deep breath and say: “I’m back”. When creating Genau. furniture, we always keep those feelings in mind – the feeling of being within your own four walls, surrounded by cosiness and comfort. Home is a special place, where everything is as we want it to be. And Genau develops a special kind of furniture, unrivalled in terms of design and comfort, created in accordance with our concept of the true meaning of lifestyle. Every Genau product is the result of our search for the perfect form and substance. We do not allow ourselves to be guided by constantly changing fashions but by the aim to create furniture that possesses its own unique style. Genau.
Philosophy of design,
The Genau upholstered furniture collection has been created by designers of world renown and in line with European concepts of style, comfort and quality. Their unique vision and many years of experience build the basis for all interior ranges offered by Genau. From the first sketch to an idea, from a prototype to the last stitch in the last seam, in every single sofa and armchair made by Genau, you can see the undeniable talent of designers who create furniture that suits even the most demanding tastes and requirements of our clients.
Philosophy of quality,
Consistent adherence to quality and excellent craftsmanship are the two key features of German furniture design. Genau style is inspired by these values, turning them into unique products developed by famous German designers. Creating furniture of the highest quality not only requires us to follow certain standards, it also requires the development of a distinctive design, and craftsmanship with a luxurious material inish. Genau pays careful attention to every detail and is constantly improving every product it offers. A high level of personal responsibility for our employees as well as a multi-level quality control system at every stage of production guarantee reliability and durability.
Philosophy of comfort,
Modern upholstered furniture has to comply with all the latest demands. It has to be functional, comfortable with elongated seating and it must be easy to rise from. In line with the very best tradition of high-proile German and Swiss premium brands, we have developed upholstered furniture that complies with every modern notion of comfort. When you choose a Genau sofa, you irst of all choose the emotions and feelings you want to have when coming into contact with your furniture, and touching it. At the very start of the development process, along with the design, we create a category of comfort that establishes the “inner value” of a sofa and charges it emotionally. The creation of such items of furniture is a true artform.